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Some Common Types of Plagiarism and Ways to Avoid Them

Plagiarism occurs to be a significant problem for scholars across the globe. It is the practice of presenting someone else’s text, ideas, work, or specific notions as your own. It means that you are using work with or without the consent of the original writer by adding it to your academic writing without any acknowledgment. Plagiarism can be reckless, intentional, or unintentional. Published as well as unpublished writing in any form either an electronic form or published is regarded as plagiarism.

Once you have become a student, you will have to manage assignments or academic writing tasks on a daily basis. To write the finest academic papers, a quality writer must be aware of the common types of plagiarism. If you can identify common types of plagiarism, you need to learn basic paraphrasing techniques to avoid plagiarism and write 100% original content. When scholars have to write any academic writings related to any concept, they must acquire a huge word bank together with the ideas to write it over. Several students look for academic writing services that assist them to overcome plagiarism issues but some students would search for random websites and paste them into their work. On any level, copying and pasting somebody else’s work, or idea is wrong.

Did you know: “Under the regulations of every learning institution, reckless and intentional plagiarism is considered to be a disciplinary offense."

Types of Plagiarism to Avoid While Doing Academic Writing

There are several types of plagiarism and all are regarded as violations of academic writing. We have explained common types of plagiarism below.

Direct Plagiarism

It is also known as copy-paste or verbatim plagiarism. It is unethical and an intentional form of stealing someone else’s work or writing. As the name suggests, students write word for word from either published or unpublished writings into their piece of work. It is a severe form of plagiarism and often results in expulsion or disciplinary actions from the learning organizations. Here’s an example of direct plagiarism.

Direct Plagiarism


It is also known as auto-plagiarism. It occurs when an individual copy’s their writings either intentionally or not. Most commonly a person during self-plagiarism is repurposing or summarizing their piece of work rather than writing a whole content from scratch on a similar concept. You may think self-plagiarism is not harmful as you are not stealing somebody else’s work. Some common examples of self-plagiarism are explained below.

  • Using phrases or sections more than three words long from previously proposed work into a new
  • Handing over few new sections in writing which has already been submitted in another unit
  • Reusing collected information or specific concepts from the previous thesis to a new thesis while not citing the original work in the new thesis.

Mosaic Plagiarism

With this type of plagiarism, people use synonyms to replace the words of the original piece and represent the paper as their writing. People use the writer's central idea, and perspectives by just making changes in a couple of words or sentences. Often scholars restate other's work with their vocabulary without reforming the central objective or meaning of the original writing. It is often tough to detect mosaic plagiarism as the content is interwoven with several sources along with the author’s ideas and arguments.

Mosaic Plagiarism

It is the type of plagiarism that is done using more than one source. The writer tries to provide the content using their sentences and wording. Moreover, stealing the idea or arguments of somebody else’s work is still plagiarism, even if the sentences are replaced, intermingled, or switched a bit with original content.

Expert’s tip to avoid plagiarism: One method to prevent plagiarism is you can use a free plagiarism checker like Turnitin.

Accidental Plagiarism

Plagiarism does not always occur on purpose. It is still regarded as plagiarized content when you copy someone else’s work without citing the source, incorrectly cite the sources, or omit quotation marks on accident. Just because improper citation or omission was accidental does not mean plagiarism has not been committed. Hence, it is significant for you to check any information taken and written when in doubt and cite the source properly. It commonly occurs in cases when you misquote the used sources, use sentence structure without attribution, or group the words without attribution.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

It is also known as incremental plagiarism. With this type of plagiarism, a student commonly takes or copies a central argument or few essential concepts from somebody else’s writings. After applying a few synonyms and restricting the words, they add the content in their piece of work and represent it as their own but without proper attribution. If you will write proper citations including credits and references, then it would not be regarded as plagiarism. Moreover, if you take ideas, sentences, work, and not only this you also translate words from somebody else’s work written in another language and do not cite sources, credit, or references then it would be regarded as paraphrasing plagiarism.

Keys to Avoid Plagiarism

Most of the time you come across concepts that you do not possess knowledge about and will naturally end up taking help from the internet to retrieve a whole idea and collect data to write upon them. You can take quality assistance from academic writing services. Although the best method to overcome plagiarism is to mold the sentences into your words. Along with this, you can incorporate your ideas and perception to widen the range of your writing. This will not only help you to write your academic writing easily but also change the perspective of looking at things differently.

Plagiarism can be easily prevented by searching for several publications or writing upon a specific topic and also, application of vocabulary and thoughts should go hand in hand. A perfect combination of both will make your academic writing plagiarism-free and stand out.

how to avoid Plagiarism

Useful tips to keep in mind

  • Always cite the original source
  • Paraphrase properly
  • Take Notes effectively
  • Properly reference all the borrowed concepts
  • Plan your writing
  • Before submission, use a plagiarism check to detect the rate of plagiarized content
  • Remember about reforming words, and sentences from the source

Who Can Help You to Avoid Plagiarism?

When plagiarism happens even when the plagiarism is not intentional or accidental, the reader stops perceiving your work seriously. Hence, all of the concepts incorporated into your piece of writing should be correct or originally cited else it will be regarded as a crime. Intentional plagiarism without referencing the source of original content may cause permanent expulsion from learning institutions. Get 100% original academic papers by WritoVersal and score top-notch grades!

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