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It is imperative for an individual or an entity to undergo training before venturing foot into a radical new space. And, when it comes to the likes of Academic writing, not only a newbie but also an experienced fellow additionally requires training. Learning Centre acts as a philosopher and guide that aides a man of how to complete scholarly written work. It additionally helps in understanding the elements and fundamental necessities of a scholastic written work. Plus, it lays certain rules and methods to deflect oneself from plagiarism and furthermore gives significant experiences with respect to referencing and formatting.

Significance of a Learning Center

An inquiry persists in a person's mind that to what extent the preparation rules are applicable to foster in academic writing industry. All things considered, just like water is a need to support life, scholarly written work too requires preparing and learning. There are a bunch of advantages of training which signifies its needs in becoming a complete academic writer. These points of interest incorporate rules identified with various referencing styles and an approach followed towards an assignment to name a few. Through training, it is simple for an academic writer to comprehend the rules of various assignments from different colleges. Assignments could be of various types like drafting a report, composing a paper, formulating a business plan or even web designing. An exhaustive learning will improve the nature of an author and will additionally help in viable execution of a task.

What is Academic Writing?

Having being examined the pertinence of training and learning, understanding the meaning of academic writing is an important viewpoint as well. So, what basically is academic writing? Academic writing is simply helping the students with their academic work. From a more extensive perspective, mere termination of an assignment does not legitimize the meaning of academic writing. Executing the task while considering the given arrangement of directions for that task is what that consolidates the meaning of academic writing. Author needs to be specific as per the requirements of an assignment, while doing it.

How Academic Writing is Different from Content Writing?

Academic writing and content writing are poles apart. Below are some of the major differences between Content and Academic writing that are based on various attributes.

Attributes Academic Writing Content writing
Form Essays, research reports, case studies etc. Blogs, articles, press releases etc.
Purpose To incorporate knowledge among students To promote the products and services of a company
Language Formal Interactive
Presentation Well-structured paragraphs with assignments adhering to standard report/ essay/ case study writing guidelines Use of Info-graphics, images and smart-art
Referencing Adherence to APA/ Harvard/ MLA/ other citation styles Relevant material is referenced with the help of hyperlinks
Audience Students and professors Customers searching for that particular product

Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Writing

At whatever point we talk about something, do's and Don'ts of that specific thing are constantly examined. Scholastic written work too has certain do's and don'ts that are recorded underneath.


  • Active Voice: (Example: The girl was washing the dishes)
  • Third Person: (Example: In this person, main idea of the author can be expressed as….)
  • Correct Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Central Idea: One paragraph should contain one central idea followed by explanation of the same


  • Overuse of Passive Voice: (The dishes were being washed by the girl)
  • First Person: (Example: I think that the main idea of the essay is….)
  • Incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, typographic errors
  • Intermixing: Expressing multiple ideas in a single paragraph

What is Gradation Criteria?

The completion of a task is not a definitive point of academic writing. Grades given by the assessor after the culmination of a task is what that legitimizes the rightness of a task. Grades are fundamentally sorted into four sections i.e. excellent, very good, satisfactory and poor. Beginning from the primary review that is excellent, which is granted when every last part of the task is intensive. An excellent evaluation means that there is exactness in the task and is well-organized with legitimate referencing and in-texting. The grade very good is one step below the excellent one. It isn't that terrible however it portrays that there is still opportunity to get better. Talking about the third grade which is satisfactory demonstrates that the quality of assignment is ordinary. It isn't just a negative angle for the student yet it additionally depicts picture of the creator or an association adversely. The satisfactory grade plots that the vital highlights of a task were absent alongside various blunders in list of sources or even the substance. What's more, finally, the horrible score implies that the task was made of blemishes instead of significant content. It represents that style of writing is inappropriate or there might be plagiarism in the assignment. In the nutshell, grades are something that decide the fate of the student as well as the author.

Some Basics of Academic Writing

There are certain nuts and bolts of academic writing that ought to be contemplated while completing a task. The following are a portion of the urgent parts of scholastic composition.

Formatting Formatting assumes an imperative part as it is the early introduction that a checker or an assessor will get in the wake of viewing the report or a task. The assignment should be formatted according to the guidelines provided for an assignment. Everything, be it spacing, font size or alignment should be followed as per the guidelines of an assignment.

Plagiarism or Copyright InfringementCopyright infringement is the most imperative factor of all. Counterfeiting refers to the demonstration of introducing another person's thought in your own words. Written falsification is important to the point that even before perusing the task, assessor would check for literary theft in the task. On the off chance that unoriginality is discovered, an understudy would lose marks or may even get fizzled.

ReferencingReferencing is a way of recognizing books, research papers, websites or any material that is being utilized while doing the task. There are various referencing styles but the styles that are used more frequently are Harvard, APA, Chicago, Vancouver and MLA. However, if the referencing style is specified in the guidelines provided to complete the assignment, then the specified style should be used otherwise a student might lose marks. The detailed instructions are provided in the following sections.

Use of Communicative LanguageA writing style that is used in an assignment should be communicative and easily understandable. The emphasis of the content ought to be on the theme territory of a task. While writing the assignment, an author should make sure that he provides proper flow to the assignment. It would make simple for a student to comprehend it and to make joins among the passages.

DeadlineAnd at last, deadline is something that decides the fate of a student. Certainly, deadline is mentioned at the end, but it should be on the top in the priority list. Assignments that are not submitted prior to might rigorously affect understudy's profession which could be obliterating too. Thus, one must be concerned of submitting the apportioned assignment prior to the deadline.

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