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New to Academic Writing? Get to Know the Basics

What is Academic Writing

A style of expression that is used by the researchers which are used to define the intellectual boundaries and the specific areas of expertise is termed academic writing. As the name suggests academic writing seems to impart a very formal tone, which is written using the perspective of the third person instead of using the perspective of the first person. In academic writing, the writers focus on the research problem or the topic or the issue and perform in-depth investigation and precisely choose the words. Specialist languages are adopted in the field of law, medical sciences as well as in different domains, academic writing is structured, designed and formulated in such a way that it conveys the meaning about the complex ideas, concepts for the group of scholars.

Characteristics of Academic Writing

The illustrative feature of academic writing is –

  1. Following a structured plan and focussed writing ~ Help in answering the questions and provide a demonstration of the subject.
  2. Structured ~ It shows coherent features, logical reasoning, logical writing, a collaboration of the interlinked points and materials.
  3. Evidenced writing ~ Anything in academic writing should be referenced such that it provides evidence to the readers about the sayings. It also inculcates the subject area and opinions and arguments.
  4. Depicts a formal tone and styles ~ The characteristics of academic writing is clear, precise and balanced writing that uses appropriate words and language.

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Basics of Academic Writing

Various universities and higher schools test and evaluate students through the written assignments which are based on academic writing. These written assignments include course works based on the time such as a week or it may be an exam answer which could be written in an hour. The basics of academic writing deal with recognising the names of different kinds of writing tasks, the format of long and short writing tasks and the structure of sentences and paragraphs.

The Impetus of Academic Writing

Before the initiation of academic writing, the one who is initiating the writing must know the clear reasons why they are writing. The most common reason behind academic writing includes reporting on the piece of research that the writer has conducted. It is being written to answer the question that the writer has given or chosen. Some other reasons include making a discussion and elaboration of the common interest and providing a view to the writers. It can be done to synthesize the findings of the research done by others on a particular topic.

The art of writing is the art of discovering one’s inner self and discovering the self-values and beliefs.

Common types of academic writing





Descriptive type of academic writing is the basic or the simplest form of academic writing. The main aim behind this is to provide knowledge regarding the facts and key information of the topics. Descriptive writing may be an article or any reports or results of the experiments. The keywords that can be used to define descriptive academic writing are identified, report, record, summarize and define.

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Fill Your Papers Critically by Your Viewpoints and Evaluating Wisely.

Analytical academic writing needs the academic writers to reorganise the facts and the information and put them into different categories, groups, parts and relationships. The keywords that could be used to define analytical academic writing are analysed, interpreting, contrasting, interlinking, relating and examining.

Tips for academic writers to be more analytical in their approach –

~ Brainstorming the facts and ideas.

~ Categorising the ideas into patterns, parts, similarities, differences.

~ Listing advantages and disadvantages

~ Building sections and paragraphs into the analytical categories

~ Structuring of the paper is of utmost importance as it provides a clear idea to the reader

Persuasive academic writing includes including an ample amount of information in the written piece, re-organisation of the information, and subsequent addition of the viewpoint of the academic writer. It is most commonly used by all the universities in their academia as it has to be referenced by any research finding and any publication sources. The keywords that can be used to depict persuasive academic writing include arguing, evaluating, referencing, discussing and taking a position.

Critical form of academic writing is used by the research scholar, PHD scholar, postgraduate students and advanced level undergraduates students. Critical academic writing includes journal articles, literature reviews, integrative literature reviews, and identification of strengths and weaknesses of the published research, critical appraisals, meta-analysis and systematic reviews. The key terms that depict critical academic writing are critique, debate, agree, disagree and evaluation and recommendations.

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Best Writing Online Courses in 2021

  1. Master Class- The wonderful and awesome course in writing initiated by Pros.
  2. Write of Passage- For building readers as an audience and for enhancing networking skills in academic writing it is the best online course.
  3. Copyschool- One chance could be given to this course by the writers who are keen to gain the knowledge of copywriting.
  4. The 90 Day Novel – A graceful course taken by the writers who are interested in writing novels apart from academics.
  5. Gotham Writers Workshop – It is known to be the best community for the online writing course.

Finest Reading- Using SQ3R Strategy

SQ3R is a strategy that can be used by academic writers to read the document appropriately before initiating the writing process. In the beginners of academic writing, SQ3R could be used by academic writers for getting main concepts, flushing out the key details, organisation of concepts and helps in writing a coherent summary of significant points in research.


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